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Permit Application Process

Overview of the Application Process for a Building Permit

April 7, 2020 - COVID-19 Building Department Process and Information Update 

March 19, 2020 - The Township offices are closed to the public until further notice.  At this time applicants can email their building permit application package to the Township.  Please visit our building permit application page for all of the details.

The Township would like to make the building permit application process as simple as possible for you.  Please review the following information before you bring in your application.  If you have questions, or need futher clarification, please feel free to contact us or stop in to speak to us.

  1. Preliminary Zoning Review - This process will ensure your new project will meet the requirements of the zoning by-law.  You can call the office when you are thinking about a new project and staff will discuss any issues.  This process will also identify requirements from other areas - Conservation Authorities, Source Water, Ministry of Transportation, in case approval is required.  Once you have drawings for your project, the Planning and Development Coordinators will review your site plan to ensure you are still within the requirements of the zoning by-law for your property.
  2. Building Permit Application - Submitting your building permit application will take some time at our front counter with the Customer Service Coordinators.  Please be prepared to be in the office for about a half an hour.  Check out our permit guidelines for the specific documents required for each type of permit.
  3. Some things to remember:
    1. No matter what type of permit you are submitting, the Township will only accept a complete application.  If there is something missing, we will ask you take your permit with you and bring everything back when it is complete.  We are happy to go through the review with you to ensure everything is in order so you don't have to make multiple trips.
    2. If you have recently purchased your property please bring the transfer documents with you to show ownership, in case we have not received them yet.
    3. If your property has been recently severed, it may take staff a few extra minutes to ensure we have the correct property and all of the required information is in order (Ownership, entrance permits, etc)
    4. If you are submitting an application for a Single Family Dwelling - you have to submit the septic permit application at the same time.  The Townshinp will not accept them separately.
    5. We need an Authorization Form signed by the property owner if you are applying for the permit and you are not the owner.
    6. We will verify BCIN numbers.  Please ensure you provide the proper names, and numbers.  Your permit could be delayed if we cannot confirm this.
  4. Swimming pool permits have a different application and different requirements.  Please fill out this online application.
  5. Here is a list of the requirements for all other permit types:
    1. Building Permit Application - please complete pages 1,2 and 3 for all permits.
    2. Septic Application - please complete pages 1,2 and 4.  It is the same form as the building permit application, but we need a separate application completed for the septic permit.
    3. Site plan must be scaled and dimensioned.
    4. Grading plan - this is required for all properties in a subdivision, and/or at the Chief Building Officials request.  
    5. Two sets of drawings and reports.  Once approved, one set will stay at the Township Office and one set will be given back to you, stamped. The approved drawings must stay on site and must be available to our building inspectors when they are called to your property for inspections.
  6. Full payment is made at the time of application.  Development charges are collected when the permit is issued.  Fees vary according the the type of permit you are submitting.  Please refer to our Building Permit Fees and Development Charges.