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Accessibility and Inclusion

Accessibility is an important part of our website.

We are committed to providing accessible formats and communication supports for people with a disability. If another format would work better for you, please contact us for assistance.

Assistance in an Alternative Format Request Form

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form

If you have specific feedback on our website's accessibility features, please provide using the "Feedback" tool located on the right hand of this page.

Township Accessible Documentation

Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and Use of Assistive Devices

Making the website easier for all to use:

Visitors of our site can expect to find the use of plain language, documents offered in an alternative format, using appropriate heading tags for content, alternative text tags for images, documents that are friendly to those using assistive devices. These practices help maintain a higher level of accessibility for the users and an overall improved experience for all visitors to our website.

Other additional accessible adjustments can be made to the way information is displayed on your computer such as increasing the font size on your screen, changing background colours, or having the words on your screen read to you.

For additional information on how you can make any website easier to use, please visit my web my way - making the web easier to use  on the BBC website.

Further information about accessibility:

If you'd like to learn more about accessibility, you can visit the following sites: